Dynamic structures are a major cause for complexity when it comes to model and reason about systems. They occur in software architectures, configurations of artefacts such as code or models, pointer structures, databases, networks, etc. As interrelated elements which may be added, removed, or change state, they form a fundamental modelling paradigm as well as a means to formalise and analyse systems. Applications include architectural reconfigurations, model transformations, refactorings, and evolution of a wide range of artefacts, where change can happen either at design or at run time. Dynamic structures occur also as part of semantic domains or computational model for formal modelling languages.

Based on the observation that all these approaches rely on very similar notions of graphs and graph transformations, theory and applications of graphs, graph grammars and graph transformation systems have been studied in our community for more than 40 years. The International Conference on Graph Transformation aims at fostering interaction within this community as well as attracting researchers from other areas to join us, either in contributing to the theory of graph transformation or by applying graph transformations to already known or novel areas, such as self-adaptive systems, overlay structures in cloud or P2P computing, advanced computational models for DNA computing, etc.

Areas of Interst

Foundations Applications
General models of graph transformation Model-driven development, especially model transformations
Parallel, concurrent, and distributed graph languages Domain-specific graph transformation
Hierarchical graphs and graph decompositions Software architecture, refactoring and evolution
High-level and adhesive replacement systems Implementation of programming languages
Term graph rewriting Access control and security models
Graph theoretical properties Aspect-oriented development of graph languages
Geometrical and topological aspects of graph transformation Image generation and pattern recognition techniques
Graph automata and parsing of graph languages Bioinformatics and system biology
Logical aspects of graph transformation Natural computing
Behavioural analysis and verification of graph transformation systems Workflows and business processes
Structuring and modularization concepts for transformation systems Self-adaptive systems and ubiquitous computing
Graph transformation and Petri nets Service-oriented applications and semantic web